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Boilersuit Fun! - set gm-1f01

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Boilersuit Fun!

Barefoot Lady Elizabeth gunges her favourite outfit

From Lady Elizabeth's Lost Archive

Someimes the simple pleasures are the best!

Lady Elizabeth, barefoot, wearing her favourite black boilersuit and little else, gives herself a proper seeing to with lots of custard and squirty cream. You can see from her impish smile how much she's looking forward to her session, and she proceeds to very carefully and playfully cover herself totally in mess! Her bare feet come in for special attention, and her long hair gets thoroughly gunge shampooed too. And to start her gunging off, she does a lovely and playful sit down into a tray of custard, shot from very close up!

Watch a pretty young miss become a sticky young mess!

Shot back in 2006. 300 photos at 3.1mpx resolution.