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Uniform Mud Wallow - set gm-1m05

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Uniform Mud Wallow

Elizabeth wears a knee length skirt and shirt into the mudbanks

Lady Elizaabeth takes to the mudbanks in a smart, severe, navy blue knee length skirt, pale blue shirt (tucked neatly into her skirt, of course) and black shoes.

As the scene progresses she coats her skirt in lovely thick river clay, sitting in a depression in the mud and filling her lap completely, and then sets about her shirt, before finally giving herself a total mud shampoo, and then a mud facial too. All the while as she carefully gets herself muddier and muddier she's posing and showing off, enjoying the feeling of her mud-drenched clothes as she gradually destroys her smart uniformed image. By the end of the scene she's a walking blob of mud, proudly displaying her clay-coated self on the grass above the mudbanks.

Due to a technical problem with the camera, all of the clean "before" shots, plus the first few muddy ones of Elizabeth taking her first sit down in the mud, were lost, so the scene starts with the back of her skirt already muddy, but the front mostly clean (though she soon puts paid to that!). However there are still over three hundred photos, plus several video clips, of Elizabeth gradually destroying her cleanness.

A happy maiden in the mud. Enjoy!