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Dress Cutting Fun! - set gm-2c001

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Dress Cutting Fun!

Lucia and Teena have their dresses gunged and cut off by Felicity!

Take two lovely ladies, dress them in identical floor-length, long sleeved, floral print dresses, and then have them not only gunged, but have their dresses sliced off, bit by bit, by Felicity with the Very Sharp Scissors!


The rules are simple. Felicity, the game show host, dressed in a lovely Harley Quinn skater dress, has one of our packs of genuine Las Vegas, casino-played playing cards. She will draw one card at a time from the pack, with the following consequences for our delitefully dressed duo:

  • Hearts: Teena gets some gunge.
  • Diamonds: Lucia gets some gunge.
  • Clubs: Teena gets her dress cut.
  • Spades: Lucia gets her dress cut.

We'll be honest, we rigged it slightly to make sure the first few cards for each lady resulted in gunge. But all too soon, the black cards began to appear, and with each one, those lovely demure dresses got reduced, but by bit!

By the time we get towards the end of the scene both their dresses have been reduced to indecent ruin, before being ripped off completely so they both end the scene in just their underwear - which needless to say gets well filled with gunge too.