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A Messy Initiation

Veronica initiates Eliza into the ways of Saturation Hall

Before anyone can play freely in our dungeons, they are supposed to be initiated by a member of the household. Which is why Veronica and Eliza are to be found in the dungeon together wearing identical black and grey one piece swimsuits, while a clean pair of black corduroy dungarees for Eliza, and a clean navy blue boilersuit plus some nice black wellies for Veronica, await behind them.

First order of business: Each girl gets a little custard tipped into the back of her swimsuit by the other. Then, they dress for the full initiation, Eliza pulling on her black dungarees while Veronica climbs into her smart blue boilersuit. Don't they look smart? Not for long, as Veronica sits on a chair to put her boots on, and when she stands up, the custard from her swimsuit has come through the back of her suit. Eliza bends down to do her own boots, and her custard starts to leak through too. Oops!

What follows is a wonderfully fun messy session including both girls surprising each other with pies, both girls having their clothes well filled with custard, and by the end of the scene both are mess-drenched messy misses, coated from head to toe in custard and cream. Not a single sttch of their outfits, nor a hair on either of their heads, escapes the relentlless total mess destruction they willingly visit on each other.

They finish the scene happy and utterly drenched in goo!