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Pleather Shorts Filling Fun - set gm-2f122

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Pleather Shorts Filling Fun

Lady-A is completely messed up by PVC-clad Evelyne

Lady A is looking absolutely stunning in a brand new pair of black pleather shorts, a fancy printed t-shirt, both bought from a stylish boutique in Dusseldorf, Germany, plus some fancy fishnet tights and nice boots. It's the perfect outfit for a summer day out, or perhaps a festival. And needless to say, in our dungeon, she isn't going to stay clean in it for long!

Shorts filling comes first, and those lovely shorts are soon being filled, first with cola, then with milk, which floods in and then leaks down her legs, soaking her tights and collecting in her boots. Of course being effectively waterproof all the goo inside her shorts doesn't really show on the outside, so next up Evelyne has her sit on some nice gooey squishy cake, which really messes up the backside of her shorts. And then custard is poured into the already wet interior just to ensure she really feels the mess.

Lady A happily consents as Evelyne, still wearing the black PVC catsuit she'd been gunged herself in just before, continues to apply more and more mess, until eventually Lady A is reduced to a sticky mess from head to toe, completely covered in cake, cusstard, milk, and mixed mess.