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Kitty Kodena vs Nurse Wendy - set gm-2f134

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  • gm-2f134-v1 (54 minutes, 39 seconds)

Kitty Kodena vs Nurse Wendy

Two girl clothes filling fun, nurse uniform vs fashion jumpsuit

Green-uniformed Nurse Wendy and tight black jumpsuited Kitty Kodena challenge each other to a scissors - paper - stone mess game, winner getting to do whatever she likes to the looser each round.

They have milk, custard, and squirty cream, and before long their outfits and their footwear are suffering. Kittys suit and Nurse Wendy's uniform dress are soon well filled with mess, likewise Kitty's wellies and the nurse's deck shoes get filled too, and by the end of the scene both girls are covered in mess from head to toe and soaking wet through.

Technical: The video for this scene is almost an hour long, note that as it was partly a "training scene" for Kitty, there is a certain amount of director's voice on the soundtrack, and though this is kept to a minimum, it's rather more than our scenes usually contain. I did consider editing my directions out but that would have created a very jumpy and un-natural video so I've left them in. The scene has full original sound throughout.