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Lady Rose in Shortalls - set gm-2f139

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Lady Rose in Shortalls

Filling cute short dungarees with lots of custard!

Lady Rose is dressed in really cute short blue denim dungarees, long-sleeve blue striped t-shirt, a pink and white "pirate" neckerchief, and "Tickled Pink" lace-up pink wellies, and is going to totally cover herself with custard and syrup!

She thoroughly fills the shortalls, pouring custartd and syrup into them, both down the inside and filling her pockets, and then once she's nice and soggy, she completely covers the outside of her outfit too. Her bare legs and boots don't escape the treatment, and once she's sitting in the pool of mess on the floor she pours syrup and custard all over her hair and head too, ending up completely drenched in mess from head to foot.