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PVC, Corset, and Custard - set gm-2f140

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PVC, Corset, and Custard

Lady Rose gets spectacularly and sexily messy

Lady Rose is dressed for pleasure, wearing a sleeveless PVC catsuit under a black satin corset, with high heeled ankle boots and long black opera gloves, and she's going to get very, very, messy.

Custard down her corset come first, then more down the inside of her PVC suit. Her boots get carefull treatment to ensure they are drenched in gloop, and her hair gets a milk-and-golden-syrup shampoo.

She sits in a tray of custard and pours more of it all down her back.

Part way through the scene the custard-soaked corset come off so she can totally cover her entire catsuit in gloop, and towards the end she removes her boots revealing bare feet, which she then plays with and completely covers in custard and syrup.