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Shopgirl Pies - set gm-2f148

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  • gm-2f148-v1 (21 minutes, 46 seconds)
  • gm-2f148-v2 (03 minutes, 37 seconds)

Shopgirl Pies

Maude coveres her dress, shoes, and swimsuit

Maude, dressed for work in the estate shop in a bright yellow shopgirl uniform dress, worn with bare feet in trainers, and a swimsuit underneath, is going to get spectacularly messy!

She fills her shoes with custard and syrup, then puts them back on. She pies herself in the face multiple times, and sits on a pie too. She covers her hair and face with syrup, and totally drenches her dress in mess.

Once her dress is totally messy, she takes it off to reveal the swimsuit she's wearing beneath it - which she then fills and totally coveres in goo, too.

And once she's happy her swimsuit is completely messy, she slips her utterly mess-drenched yellow dress back on, before giving herself a final milk shampoo.

A very messy maude, all ready to work in our shop!

Update: The original video files for this scene had no sound, this was an accident and they've now been replaced with files which do have the sound included. So if you downloaded the slient versions, download again to get the with-sound ones. Many thanks to the customer who pointed out the fault.