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PVC Mistress Maude - set gm-2f149

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  • gm-2f149-v1 (30 minutes, 34 seconds)
  • gm-2f149-v2 (08 minutes, 13 seconds)

PVC Mistress Maude

Maude gets spectacularly custardy in PVC jeans, PVC top and Goth boots

Maude the chamberwench as you've never seen her before, with jet black hair and dressed from head to foot in shiny black PVC! And not only does she look totally awesome in her glossy outfit, but she first fills, and then covers herself, in lashings of thick yellow custard!

She fills her PVC jeans, fills her black leather boots, pours custard all over her clothes, hair, and face, and gives herself a very thorough custard shampoo too. There is also barefoot action when she slips her bare feet out of her boots in order to fill them, and plays with her feet in the mess too.