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Damp Seat Punishment - set gm-2f151

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Damp Seat Punishment

Evelyne gets into custardy in her green overalls

Evelyne, our cook, was meant to be delivering a messing to her ladyship. But oh no, after putting on her brand new green boilersuit and short green wellies, she managed to sit on a damp stool, leaving a visible damp patch on the seat of her overalls. And much as we love gunge and messiness at the hall, when you're messing up Lady Jasmine, you are expected to be spotless and pristine, at least to start with.

So there's nothing for it, Evelyne needs to give herself a punishment self-messing, she needs to put herself into custardy.

Clothes filling, cake sitting, and lots of custard poured all over her boulersuit and boots, then she sits in the mess on the floor and rolls in it, before finally drenches herself in milk to finish off.