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New Garden Uniform Custard - set gm-2f153

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New Garden Uniform Custard

Chastity fills and covers her new workwear in custard and milk

Chastity has an all-new workwear ensemble for working in the gardens, so of course it must be put to the messy test. Her outfit comprises a pair of long, quite baggy grey shorts, which come down to her knees, black wellies, and a black short-sleeve oversize shirt, tucked into the shorts.

She starts the tests promptly, pouring entire cartons of custard into the front of her long shorts, nothing comes through but you can see the material twitching as the custard flows down inside each leg, and then it drops out at the knees and goes all over her boots. She turns round and pumps more custard in the back, again we can clearly see the material of her shorts moving and responding as the large dollops of custard flood down inside, and you can imageine how it feels as it flows over and around her bottom and down her legs, inside the shorts.

Next she starts covering the outside of the outfit, first pouring a little custard into her shirt before then completely covering the outside, and using her hands to spread the mess everywhere, ensuring that every last inch of her shirt and shorts and completely coated in custard, including underneath her bottom and between her legs.

Having done her front she turns and does her back, pouring lots of custard down over her long hair, covering it as well as her shirt and trousers. Milk is added to custard, lots of cartons, and it floods over her face as well as her shirt and trousers.

Once she's totally covered she lies down on the floor and rolls about in the pool of spilled mess, lying on her front and her back, and making absolutely sure she is completely saturated in mess.

As well as the main messy scene you also get the hose-down wash-off, where Chastity has her outfit washed clean while she's still wearing it, then she strips down to the soaking wet one-piece black swimsuit she's wearing beneath it right at the end.

Technical: Filmed way back in 2013, it's clear this is more of a video of a photoset than our more modern scenes are, but you get to see lots of fine detail as Chastity completely reduces herself to a wet and gloopy mess as the scene progresses. The scene has full original sound so you get to hear every drip and splash as the mess flows over and drips off Chastity.