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Three Girl Splosh Fun - set gm-2f166

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Three Girl Splosh Fun

Morgana, Scarlet, and Chastity go at each other!

Morgana and Scarlet have met up in the dungeon for a dress-testing, Morgana, in a nice practical boilersuit, is going to drench Scarlet's beautiful green ballgown in syrup and custard, just to see how well it wears both clean, and messy. They begin with Morgana pouring first a jar of syrup, and then a can of custard, into Scarlet's cleavage, while Scarlet enjoys the sensations of the gloop flowing down inside her dress.

Which is when Chastity, dressed head to toe in shiny black, leatherlook leggings and a satin-finish tunic top, appears on the scene, and decides that no way can Morgana be allowed to remain clean while she demolishes her friend's dress, grabs a carton of custard, and starts pouring it down inside the back of Morgana's suit from the neck, while Morgana is still pouring custard into Scarlet's dress.

Needless to say complete messy mayhem ensues for all three of them, with custard, gateax, and syrup going everywhere, Morgana makes Chastity sit in a custard-covered gateaux and then the three of them just keep splaattering more and more mess all over each other, giggling and laughing all the way and with the recipient of each messing calmly accepting her fate and not resisting - so no hands or arms getting in the way of the messings.

Once their clothes are thoroughly drenched in mess they take turns to give each other very thorough custard shampoos, and then finish off with milk over their heads, two cartons each, flooding down their faces and fronts.

Technical: The main messy scene has full original sound. The hose-down wash-off is silent as there was too much crew chatter. This scene was filmed in 2014.