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Messy Swimsuit Comparison - set gm-2f176

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Messy Swimsuit Comparison

Friday and Chastity compare tight outfits for filling with mess!

Two lovely girls, two hot outfits, which is best for filling with custard?

Chastity wears a traditional plain black one-piece swimsuit, while Friday wears some black skin-tight spandex shorts, and a black sports-bra top. They also both wear shiny black wellies. And they're going to fill each other's boots and swimsuits with custard, to see which outfit fills best, and which is the most fun to wear as the yellow gloop is poured in.

They fill their boots first, each girl taking her boots off for the other girl to pour custard in, then plunging their feet into the filled boots before sliding their now messy feet back out for us to take a look at, before sliding them back in again. They keep their custard-filled boots on for the rest of the scene.

Swimsuit filling comes next, Chastity gets her suit filled first, cream and custard poured in front and back till it leaks through betwen her legs and starts to drip down. Once her suit is well filled, she gets to get her own back on Friday who stands happily while her shorts and then her bra-top are well filled with mess.

Once both young women's outfits are well filled, they spread the mess all over each other's suits and skin, and then finish off by flooding each other's hair with cold milk, which then floods down their bodies.

If you like swimsuit filling, you'll love this scene!