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Veronica's Rainwear and Liquid Soap - set gm-2f182

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Veronica's Rainwear and Liquid Soap

Good clean fun!

Originally shot as a custom scene way back in 2014, watch as the lovely Veronica, dressed in black sports-bra top and navy blue waterproof rainwear trousers, and chunky boots, totally drenches herself in a gallon of liquid soap, plus water, and lather!

First she poses in her outfit, note she's no underwear under the rainwear trousers, and shows herself off in a variety of fun poses. Then she pours some of the liquid soap into a tray, and after a couple of teases, sits in it, fully soaping the seat of her nylon trousers. Then she stands up and both soap and water get poured down inside the trousers, front and back, and she really starts to feel slippery!

Over the course of the scene she drenches herself completely in soap, water, and lather, her trousers, bra top, and boots get totally drenched, and eventully she also gives herself a huge foamy shampooing of her stunning waist-length hair too.