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Take That!!! - set gm-2f19

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  • gm-2f19-nurse ( minutes, seconds)

Take That!!!

Lady Full Wellington and Nurse Wendy-Household exchange custard pies

  • Nurse Wendy-Household
  • Dark red, floor length, short-sleeved formal dress
  • Converse boots
  • Lady Full-Wellington
  • Black well-fitted boilersuit
  • 'Tickled Pink' wellington boots

Nurse Wendy and Lady Full Wellington spend a relaxed afternoon in Lady Jasmine's dungeon exchanging custard pies with each other. At least it was supposed to be relaxed until Nurse Wendy managed to land a pie on Lady F-W's bottom with sufficient force that pie-filling splattered everywhere, including the ceiling!

The two ladies take turns to slowly plaster each other's outfits in pies, each gradually succumbing to the mess even as they plot their next pies for each other.

Eventually Nurse Wendy sits down on the already pie-covered floor, and lady Full Wellington pours lots and lots of custard over her until her dress is completely and utterly soaked in thick yellow liquid.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.