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Daisy Messy in Bluejeans - set gm-2f193

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Daisy Messy in Bluejeans

Turquoise-haired Daisy covers her denim outfit with custard and cream

Daisy is dressed in capri-length blue jeans, dark blue t-shirt, blue denim jacket, and blue wellies, and fills and covers her outfit, and covers herself, in cream and custard!

She starts off filling her jeans with lots of Devon Dream, but is disappointed that the jeans don't really show any leak-through, so she pulls up the legs, which are only just tucked into her wellies, so we can see how much cream and custard is flowing down her legs and into her boots. She takes her jacket off for a while during her jeans-filling so we can get a better view of her jeans as the goo is poured in.

She prepares and sits in a tray of mixed custard and cream, then puts her jacket back on and starts pouring custard down her front, all over her t-shirt and down her jeans and messing her jacket up too.

She completely covers her entire outfit in custard and cream, and then sets about her bright turquoise hair and her lovely face too. She keeps her glasses on throughout the scene and they also get covered in cream.

She sits and rolls on the floor and ends up totally mess-drenched from head to toe.