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Transparent Suit-filling fun! - set gm-2f198

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Transparent Suit-filling fun!

Custard and syrup fueled three-girl mayhem

Something a little bit different: Evelyne the Cook, and Virginia, are both dressed in see-through OMP plastic jumpsuits, worn over simple black trousers and tops, and with wellies on their feet, while Daisy is in a dark blue nurses uniform dress, with matching dark blue wellies. Daisy is going to fill the other two's suits with mixed sweet mess - syrup, custard, and Devon Dream - and we'll get to watch the gloop flowing down inside the see-through suits while enjoying the gasps and reactions as the cold gloop slithers down.

The suits have quite tight elasticated waistbands, so initially the mess gathers at the two willing victims' waists - but then the waistbands are pulled out, and down it all floods!

Needless to say Nurse Daisy isn't going to escape this unmessed either, and in due course her uniform dress suffers a similar fate to the otyher two's outfits, as she's made to sit in a gateaux, and then has mixed sweet mess carefully poured and spread all over herself, front and back.

All three end up completely drenched in mess from head to toe, including full messy shampoos and facials for all three women.

Technical: The scene has full original sound, with lots of laughter and giggles from the girls as the mess is poured in. There is s small, occasional amount of male director's voice however as he was distant from the microphone this isn't loud or dominant.