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Formal Filling Fun - set gm-2f203

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Formal Filling Fun

Friday and Teena fill each other's formal dresses with goo

Friday and Teena are dressed for the ball in some fine and fancy formal gowns. But somehow they've found their way into the dungeon, so their formal finery isn't going to look smart for much longer.

Teena gets the treatment first, gently at first with Friday just tipping a little Devon Dream down inside the high collar of her almost Victorian gown. But the dress material wets through almost immediately and from then on it's steadily reduced to ruin, Teena meekly accepting everything Friday does to her.

Of course eventually the tables turn, and now it's Friday's turn for the treatmemnt, and her beautiful turquoise gown soon begins to suffer too as the cream and custard is poured in.

Golden syrup is added to the messy mix, their hair doesn't escape the mess either, and nor do their pretty faces. By the end of the scene, both girls are totally drenched from head to toe, their fine dresses reduced to slippery, soggy, slimy ruin.