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Speedo Triathlon Suit Filling - set gm-2f210

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Speedo Triathlon Suit Filling

Friday fills her sporty swimsuit with custard!

A triathlon suit is a specialised swimsuit for athletes who wear the same outfit to run, swim, and cycle - so it's a skin tight spandex legsuit, usually with a zip front and mesh panels for extra ventilation. All features that make triathlon suits absolutely perfect for wet and messy filling with sloppy food and gunge!

In this scene Friday wears a genuine Speedo triathlon swimsuit in grey with hints of pink, and toytally fills the suit, and then covers herself, in thick yellow custard. She starts with filling the front, undoing the zip slightly and pouring lots of custard inside her suit until it seeps through the spandex and flows down her legs. She also fills the back and sides, where we can see the custard flowng insde through the mesh panels in the suit, before it slips down to her spandex-clad bottom and starts to leak through just as it did at the front.

She also fills her sports shoes, and then slips her clean bare feet back into them, and then once her suit is thoroughly flled with custard she pours more all over herself, including a total messy shampoo and facial. She ends up completely covered from head to toe in custard.

As with all Saturation Hall scenes, this one is filmed so we can see all of the action - the video avoids zooming in so as to allow you to watch as the gloop slips down inside Friday's suit and starts to seep and leak out at her trunk and legs, while the still photos give you clear and high-resolution views in both full-height and close-up as the mess flows and gathers inside Friday's Speedo suit.