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Maria's Questions

MyPieRogatrive gets plastered in mess, in denim shortalls

Maria, wearing short denim dungaree, or as they are known in the US, shortalls, with a thin long-sleeved white jumper, takes the Saturation Hall quizz. And gets pelted with mess every time she gets a question wrong, and sometimes even if she gets them right!

Having shown off her outfit she takes a seat and "assumes the position", legs wide akimbo to provide optimum target area, and starts to answer the questions. We thought we'd start off with a nice simple one that anyone visiting these hallowed halls would be expected to know, who is the current British head of state, the answer of course being HM the Queen. Unfortunately for Maria she got mixed up between head of state and prime minister, and so the messy demolition of her outfit begins with the entire contents of a can of custard thrown straight into her dungaree-clad crotch. Oops!

The messing continues as questions are asked by the off-screen dungeonmaster, and every wrong answer, and several correct ones, result in more splattering.

Eventually the questions end and Maria just grabs all the remaining mess and pours and smears it all over herself, covering her hair and face as well as completely coating her outfit and body in mixed mess.

The scene features both sweet and savoury mess, and Maria ends up totally drenched from head to feet in goo.