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Susie's Interview at The Hall

Susie applies to formally join our household

Susie first came to us as a summer temp, helping out at the stables, working with Rosemary. But having fallen in love with the estate and our somewhat messy lifestyle, she decided she'd like to join the household full time. And that means an in-depth interview supervised by the dungeonmaster.

Susie initially appears in a somewhat unconventional interview outfit, wearing just shoes and a rather fetching black underwear set, black bra and panties. Questioned on this by the off-camera dungeonmaster, she reveals that she takes the physical interview process seriously, and proceeds to break up two large chocolate bars, and place the pieces inside her underwear, with the intention that they will melt fom her body heat as the interview progresses.

Once her bra and panties contain many pieces of chocolate each, she sets about preparing various items of mess that she has on a table, opening cartons of custard and cans of soup, all while still just dressed in her underwear. She then dresses in the rest of her interview outfit, pulling on dark tights, which help to squish the melting chocolate in her panties, then a spotless white blouse, and finally a very smart black knee length skirt. She looks very smartv indeed, no-one would guess, if they hadn't already watched her slipping it in, that her underwear is full of by now somewhat melted chocolate.

Fully dressed, she sits on the stool, and is interviewed by the off-camera dungeonmaster about her time and experience at the hall, including some of the messy things she's done while she's been here, especially her first ever messy experience, in a private session. She answers enthusiastically while wiggling slightly as the chocolate in her underwear continues to melt.

Eventually, just after 15 minutes in, the dungeonmaster says he is happy to invite her to join the household, and she decides to celebrate with all the messy supplies she prepaed earlier. First she sits on a couple of gateaux, making a spectacular mess of the seat of her oh so smart skirt while keeping the rest of her clothes completely clean, but then she sets about her own complete demolition by mess, pouring eggs, soup, and custard, inside and all over herself and her outfit. Her shoes get carefully filled and put back on, her tights get well slimed by the mess she pours inside her skirt, she fills her shirt first with eggs, then with soup, and she pours custard all over herself.

Once her outfit is covered the camera is repositioned to get a good head shot, and she thoroughgly custard shampoos her hair, and then pours more custard over her face. She finishes the scene completely drenched in mixed mess from head to toes.