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Splosh Games Strip Punishment

Honeysuckle pays for removing her clothing in London

Those who were there will remember that at the second London Splosh Games, at one point Honeysuckle removed her smart black skirt and blouse, and got gunged in just her very nice underwear. Now of course we at the Hall encourage everyone to get messy in whatever they please, however on this occasion one great cardinal sin was committed - she took her skirt off when large areas of it were still clean and dry! Needless to say this absolute blasphemy cannot be allowed to go unpunished. Something she was well aware of at the time too - anyone would think she enjoys getting messy or something...

So now the time has come for Honeysuckle to pay for her misdeed. She's in the dungeon, dressed in exactly the same outfit she wore that night, black skirt and blouse over black underwear, with leather knee boots on. And he's sitting on a chair with her feet in an empty tub, and about to get totally deluged with lashings of savoury mess by Friday.

Of course traditions have to be upheld, and no-one leaves our dungeon un-gunged, so Friday is dressed in her best matchinhg sportswear, knowing fuill well that after she's dumped the first punishment bucket on Honeysuckle, her outfit too will be sacrificed, one pour at a time, to the ancient spirits of mess that guide the entire household.

Honeysuckle must remain sitting, boots in the tub, and accept whatever Friday decides to do to her, but at the end of each turn Honeysuckle gets to instruct Friday to mess herself up a little, and Friday has to do as she's told, so while Honeysuckle suffers a spectacular barrage of beans, cream, custard, squirty cream, and a couple of custard flan pies, Friday soon has custard poured inside her excersise pants front and back, cream inside and then syrup all over the outside of her bra top, and custard down her back.

Eventually it is decided the punishment is completed, and the two of them go into a complete free-for-all with all the remaining mess, including Friday taking a turn in the seat with her boots in the tub of gloop - and then later on she empties the entire contents of the tub over Honeysuckle's front!

There is deep messy shampooing, they both take flans in the face, both their outfits are entirely filled with mess, until both of them are totally and utterly messy from head to toe.

Eventually they can get no messier, so the dungeon hose is broken out and they hose each other mostly clean, still wearing their outfits. At the end of the hosedown Friday strips down to her underwear, while Friday takes her skirt off, ending the scene in shirt and panties.