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Maude the Messy Manager - set gm-2f241

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Maude the Messy Manager

Testing a new managers' uniform for mess performance

Today Maude is testing a potential new managers uniform. She is wearingt a floor length black pencil skirt, with a split to the knee on the front left, black tights, very smart black leather lace-up heeled shoes, and a long sleeved blue and white pinstriped blouse with an open neckline. This would of course be a "dress" unifiorm for office use, and looks very smart and even a little sexy, but like any clothing selected for staff wear on this estate, it must also give good performance when soaking wet and covered in mess. So Maude is going to put it to the test for us.

First, one at a time, she unlaces her shoes, fills them with mess, and slips them back on. Tomato soup fills the left shoe, and then custard fills the right, her clean tights-clad feet slidding deliciously into the well filled shoes and mess spraying out and all over her hands as she squelches her feet fully back into the shoes and neatly laces them up again.

Next, how will that beautiful long satin finish penil skirt handle the mess? Several cans of soup get poured in down the front, flowing inside the skirt and covering Maude's tights, visible through the skirt's long slit. Custard follows, just to really ramp up the test.

And from there, Maude does a very thorough and detailed mess test on her entire outfit. She treats the still-clean back of her skirt to a spectacular cake-sitting, she gives herself a very thorough messy shampoo, with the drips flooding off her head and flowing down over her blouse, she does some blouse filling both via the neckline and pouring mess into her sleeves, and by the end of the test she had reduced her outfit and herself to a wet and slippery mess, from head to toes. She lifts the skirt to show the very messy state of her tights too.

Once the test is complete and she's happy with the outfit's performance both clean and messy, she hoses herself down, still fully dressed, during which her blouse turns partly transparent so we can partly see the black bra she's wearing beneath it.