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Miniskirts and Pies! - set gm-2f246

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Miniskirts and Pies!

Honeysuckle and Maude do battle with pies in the face

Maude is dressed for tonight's party in a black and purple miniskirt and blue stripy top, with dark rights and gold trainers, while Honeysuckle, also dressed for the party, is looking hot and ultra-sophisticated in her tight black spandex mini-dress, black tights, and black suede overknee boots. Maude is supposed to be making some pies for the party, but suddenly Honeysuckle spots that our wayward chamberwench is trying to hide some spilled custard on the floor!

Oh no, there can be only one suitable punishment - splay! - and suddenly Maude takes a lovely sloppy pie right to her face, the custard and cream dripping down over her top and skirt. Splat, splat, splat, one pie becomes several and Maude is beginning to look a bit soggy. But then she sprays Honeysuckle's front with cream off her hands, and soon enough Honeysuckle has a pie in her face too.

By now they've given up any pretence of getting ready for the party and just proceed to destroy each other with mess, there is cake sitting, there is custard poured down inside Maude's top and Honeysuckle's dress, they pour custard into each other's hair and shampoo it in, and their already pied faces get even more mess. Honeysuckle unzips her boots and has them filled with custard while she's wearing them, and cake and custard liberally smeared into the lovely suede too. Maude is made to take her trainers off, have them filled with custard, and then slide her clean feet, beautifully encased in clean tights, back into the custard-filled shoes.

By the end of the scene both girls are utterly covered and soaked in custard and squirty cream, from head to toe.