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Messy Sporty Filling Fun - set gm-2f249

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Messy Sporty Filling Fun

Penny Banks and Honeysuckle fill each other's outfits with goo!

Penny Banks, dressed in a brand new black one-peice swimsuit and wellies, and Honeysuckle, wearing running tights and a running top, with no underwear, and wellies, spend a merry afternoon in the dungeon filling each other's clothes with porridge!

Penny enjoys a classic swimsuit filling at Honeysuckle's hands, while Honeysuckle herself has her skin tight running trousers filled and covered, and then her top filled and covered too. With nothing on under her trousers Honeysuckle gets to enjoy the same feelings in her trousers that Penny does as her swimsuit is filled, and both girls react beautifully as the mess is poured in.

Before the clothes filling starts They also fill each other's wellies, and after the mess is poured in they pulls one now messy bare foot out of the welles and have even more porridge poured over their feet before sliding them back down into the mess-filled darkness of their boots.

To finish, theyh give each other full head dunkings in buckets of porridge, and then Penny pours a bucket of porridge over Honeysuckle's head while she's bent over the bucket she just dunked in. They also empty the contents of their wellies over each other. This was the first time Honeysuckle had ever done a head dunking, and she quite enjoyed it!

Two wonderful models and a wonderful amount of mess!