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The Combat Wench - set gm-2f32

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The Combat Wench

Felicity gets totally coated in golden syrup, in black combat trousers and bra-top

  • Black combat trousers
  • Black plimsolls
  • Black sports bra

Felicity, dressed in her high summer working rig, spends a hot June afternoon in the dungeon, slowly covering herself completely in rich, smooth-flowing golden syrup.

She starts in time-honoured Saturation Hall tradition, filling a silver tray with over an inch of syrup, then sitting down in it. She stands up again so we can see the results, then sits down again, and pours syrup into her lap and all over her legs and shoes, eventually standing up again and pouring more syrup down the back of her tousers, covering the last remaining dry spots.

Once her trousers are totally encased in flowing golden syrup, Felicity gives her black sports bra the same treatment, and then coats her bare arms, shoulders, and neck.

And then she pours a full can of syrup over her beautiful soft long hair, coating it in rich golden shimmer.

Once she's completely covered, she plays with the syrup for a while, relaxing in the golden glow.