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The Dress Of Doom - set gm-2f50

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Veronica wears the Dress of Doom

Gingham dress, gungham shoes, syrup and treacle!


  • Red/White and Black/White check, floor length, long sleeve gingham dress.
  • Red/White gingham pumps

Every household has its quirks, and Saturation Hall is no exception. So one day Veronica, who's staying for a few weeks, finds herself enacting one of the household's traditional rituals, putting on the "Dress of Doom", a lavish creation in layers of Black/White and Red/White gingham, complete with matching red gingham pumps, and then totally coating herself in syrup and treacle!

The dress is given a total treatment, filled, and then lavishly coated in mess. The shoes don't escape either, not only do they get covered in goo running off the drenched dress, they also get neatly slipped off, carefully filled with gunge (treacle in one, syrup in the other), and carefully put back onto Veronica's bare feet.

Veronica ends up drenched in mess, and there are some bonus fully clothed hosedown photos in the members extras gallery too.