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Veronica does some Clothes Filling - set gm-2f51

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Veronica at Clothes Filling Play

Pouring cake, custard and treacle down her dungaree shorts


  • Mid-thigh length short khaki dungarees
  • Plain black one-piece swimsuit
  • Black wellington boots

Veronica likes to get messy. So much so that it's become her practice, following a formal or official gunging, either during an initiation or as part of Her Ladyship's clothes-testing busines, she will frequently wash off, change into a clean, dry, casual outfit of her own choice, and return to the still-messy dungeon, to give herself a second messing just for her own enjoyment.

Which is how we come to find her dressed in a pair of old soft khaki shortalls over a swimsuit, with black rubber boots, contemplating a nice collection of gateaxu and pouring substances, with the dungeon floor still swimming in liquid treacle from her gingham dress escapade.

She doesn't plan to stay clean for long!

First she poses, enjoying the feel and look of her outfit. The dungarees are old, soft and comfortable, and a perfect fit. The legs drop to mid-thigh, just enough length to avoid the short-shorts look, and to provide enough material to sit in things with, and to channel whatever Veronica chooses to pour into her clothes from the top. The swimsuit is plain, and clearly visble under the dungarees - she's going to enjoy mesing that up too! And her boots finish things off nicely.

The chair is still in position from her previous gunging and hose-down, with a trace of liquid treacle still on the seat. As a quick "initiation of the dungarees" she sits down, dampening and marking herself just a little.

And now the gunging proper can begin!

Gateaux first. Slice after slice dropped down inside the bib of her overalls. Black treacle follows, filling her clothes in stickiness while she wiggles and gyrates until is starts to escape down the legs of her overalls and flows out where we can see it on her thighs. Treacle is followed by golden syrup, and then she fills her clothes with custard too, while more mixed mess flows out of the legs of her dungaree shorts and down her inner thighs

At Saturation Hall gunge-girl's work is never done, and so even as the mixed gunge in her dungarees continues to slowly flow downwards, she prepares a fresh gateaux on a tray, with custard, and sits down in it, "squelch!", coating the back of her overalls and bottom in squishy mess.

On goes the gunging, pockets are filled, she sits again, Veronica pours more and more mess into and over her clothes until she is completely drenched and sloppy from the neck down.

Veronica says "Enjoy!"