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Lady Jasmine and Lady Lucinda - set gm-2f64

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Lucinda de Avingon is back for a fresh gunging!

Country casuals form the theme this time, with Lady Lucinda in black combats and black designer t-shirt, while Lady Jasmine wears her classic working rig of jeans and a while roll-neck jumper. Both ladies complete their outfits with some nice rubber boots.

First, bringing those boots to the fore, Lady Jasmine has both her wellies filled with cola. She reciprocates by filling Lady Lucinda's trousers with custard, before sitting calmly and allowing her guest to give her the treacle treatment, Jasmiine looking on calmly as first her jeans, and then her jumper, are reduced to sticky ruin at Lucinda's hands.

Both ladies end up well coated in goo, just as things should be on a country estate in high summer.