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PVC Punishment Gunge - set gm-2g003

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PVC Punishment Gunge

Strict Rosemary gives Felicty the treatment

Oh dear. Felicity has been at her ladyship's famous, and very rare, 1940s custard. Punishment must be delivered.

Beautiful redhead Rosemary wears a black, long sleeve, high neck, full PVC catsuit, with vicious heeled New Rock boots.

Stunning blonde Felicity wears a sleeveless, shortie black PVC catsuit, with her red ribbon laced leather pirate boots.

Rosemary gives Felicity a very thorough punishment gunging in green, filling and completely messing up her catsuit and boots. Of course this being Saturation Hall, where the ancient laws demand fair and equal treatment of all, once she's finished messing up Felicity, Rosemary reclines in the dungeon bath and instructs Felicity to completely cover her in more buckets of bright green gunge.

Both have their hair and heads totally covered in gunge before the end.

Both Rosemary as the strict mistress and Felicity as the submissive stay in character most of the way through the scene, emerging to hugs and laughter for the last few minutes, by which point they are both fully covered in gunge.

Technical: Note due to still camera failure the day this scene was shot there is no photoset, just a small set of 30-odd screen captures.