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Creamed Blue Formal - set gm-2g008

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Creamed Blue Formal

Maude gets spectacularly messy in a blue ballgown

Maude is dressed for a garden party in a beautiful blue formal gown, dark tights, and heeled boots. But it's messy partying she will be doing!

She starts by filling a tray with yellow and pink gunge and then sitting in it. The first sit doesn't wet the seat of her dress to her satisfaction, so she does it several times until she can really feel it coming through beneath her. Next she messes up the front a little, and then starts pouring Devon Dream down inside the front of her dress, to flow down and mess up the tights she's wearing beneath it.

Her boots get a thorough treatment, as does her hair - in fact she starts on her hair quite early in the scene and pours more and more mess over herself, including Devon Dream and lots of pink and yellow gunge.

By the end of the scen she's totally drenched in mess from head to toe, hair and face lavishly coated, and her dress utterly soaked in slime.