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Jeans vs Skirt Suit - set gm-2g017

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Jeans vs Skirt Suit

Maria and Felicity fill each other with goo!

Maria and Felicity play Higher or Lower, with the winner getting to gunge the loser each turn.

Maria wears black jeans, a purple t-shirt, and black calf-high leather boots.

Felicity wears a bright red skirt suit with a knee-length skirt, black long-sleeve top, black tights, and black leather ankle-boots.

Gunge goes everywhere, including poured down inside the back of Felicity's jacket to then run out over her skirt, inside the front of her long-sleeve top, where it collects at her waist until she pulls out her skirt waistband and lets the collected goo drop down inside her skirt and all over her pantyhose, down inside the front and back of Maria's jeans, and inside her t-shirt, and then once they have both had plenty of clothes-filling, all over the outside of both outfits, and then all over each other's hair and faces too.

Two wonderful girls who love getting gooey, and lots and lots of messy fun!

Technical: The video for this scene has full original sound.