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3-Way Gunge Fun! - set gm-2g019

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3-Way Gunge Fun!

Felicity, Rosemary, and Maria, in denim and gloop

Felicity and Rosemary have roped Maria into helping them out with a clothes-testing experiment. Except they've not told her they're actually putting together the entertainment for an upcoming ball. The very messy entertainment.

At first it goes well for Maria, she stays mostly clean while helping to cover Felicity and Rosemary in colourful gloop. But needless to say this situation doesn't last for long!

What follows is a hilarious splatterification for all three of them, which sees them all reduced to gunge-drenched messes including full hair and head coverage as well as utterly covered and drenched clothes.

Felicity wears: Blue denim knee-length skirt and a white short-sleeve shirt.
Rosemary wears: Blue denim short dungaeress (shortalls) and a white t-shirt.
Maria wears: A blue denim jumpsuit.
They all wear dark blue wellies to complete their outfits.