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Maria's Messy Massage - set gm-2g022

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Maria's Messy Massage

Uniformed massuse Maria gives jeans-clad Honeysuckle a gunge treatment

After a hard summer day creating poetry in her attic studio at the top of the house, Honeysuckle wanders down to the dim coolnes of the dungeon. She quite fancies a nice relaxing massage, and just by chance she runs into Maria, conveniently dressed in a green nurses uniform dress and keen to give someone her special treatment. Needless to say, messiness ensues!

Honeysuckle wears blue jeans, blue and white checked shirt, and clear wellies, while Maria wears a green knee-length nurses uniform dress, with black wellies. Maria stays clean while she totally covers Honeysuckle, then they change places and the gunge-drenched poet gives the nurse the total messy treatment too. Both girls end up totally drenched in multi-coloured gunge from head to toe.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.

Mini-trailer - note members videos are full size.