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Gunge Service!

Honeysuckle indulges in an assisted gunging

Honeysuckle has decided to take advantage of our assisted gunging service, and has arrived in the dungeon wearing a long sleeved Nike top, Hugo Boss high waisted blue jeans, and black lace-up plimsolls. And on hand to deliver the gloop is Maude, in jeans, boots, and a waterproof PVC coat. Honeysuckle is in for a total slathering. Maude will be staying completely clean!

Shoe filling comes first, Honeysuckle slips them off one at a time and Maude merrily fills them with gunge. Next it's clothes filling, and our lovely lunatic poet soon gets to feel warm gunge flowing down inside her jeans, lots in the front, and more down the back. Not to mention sitting down in a full tray of gunge, several times.

Once her jeans are well seen to inside and out, Honeysuckle's long-sleeved top gets the treatment, including filling down the back. And then last of all, a thick and gloopy hair-drenching, with lots of gorgeous gloopy gunge.

Throughout all of this, Maude stays completely clean, a few splashes on her plastic coat, but boots and jeans completely untouched by the mess. So if you're a fan of "one stays clean" scenes, this one is for you!