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Catsuit vs Triathlon Suit - set gm-2g035

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  • gm-2g035-v2 (19 minutes, 38 seconds)

Catsuit vs Triathlon Suit

Friday and Felicity fill each other's spandex outfits with goo!

Friday wears her full length sip front spandex surfing suit with black basketball boots, while Felicity wears a nice pink and black spandex triathlon suit, with clear wellies, and they fill and cover each other's outfits in lots and lots of colourful gunge!

Felicity's see-through wellies get filled, both girls have their suits completely filled, and then they cover each other and finally give each other gunge shampoos.

Felicity is given the treatment first, while Friday stays completely clean and dry in her lovely skin tight suit, but even as she reduces Felicity to a wet and sloppy mess, she knows she'll be getting the same treatment herself soon enough.

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