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Bondage and Punishment

PVC Mistress Felicity gives chained Friday the treatment

Sometimes, punishments must be given. Especially in dungeons.

And for the purpose here at Saturation Hall, we have solid steel hooks screwed into oak beams, and a leather harness that the wayward victim can be strapped into, which is then attached by chains to the ceiling hook, meaning that while they are still standing on their feet, they cannot escape. And then the dungeon mistress gets out the cold water hose, and the buckets of gunge!

Friday, our victim for today, is wearing genuine American Aparel sking tight high waist disco pants, in forest green, over a black swimsuit, with a see-through long sleeve shirt, tucked into her disco pants, and fluffy-topped suede knee boots.

Felicity, who will be dishing out the punishment, is dressed for business in a PVC unitard and black leather boots.

First Friday gets mercilessly hosed down with very cold water, and then, once she's completely soaked, Felicity breaks out the gunge buckets and fills Friday's disco pants and shirt with lots of bright gunge.

Eventually, once it's decided Friday has suffered enough, she is unchained and steps out of the bondage harness, and gets to get her own back on the PVC-clad mistress. By the end of the scene, both girls are drenched in gunge from head to toe, boots well filled and full gunge shampoos each too.