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Gunge down the pants - set gm-2g041

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Gunge down the pants

Honeysuckle and Lucia in very messy combats

Honeysuckle and Lucia, both wearing tight fitting combat trousers, swimsuits, and jackets, spend a happy afternoonm gradually destroying each other with pink and blue gunge.

Luia wears black combats, a black spandex dance leotard, and a thin shiny black jacket, with black wellies. Honeysuckle wears blue "urban cammo" combats, a tight blue swimsuit, and a blue "Bench" hooded jacket, with blue wellies.

They fill each other's trousers with goo, fill their wellies, take their jackets off and drench their tops, then put the jackets back on and cover and fill those with gunge too, and by the end of the scene they're pouring buckets of gunge over each others' heads.

Lots of fun, two very willing and up for it models, and both girls end up totally messy from head to toe.