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See-Through Plastic Jeans Filling! - set gm-2g043

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Having been fans of filling see-through clothes for some time - we did see-through plastic jumpsuit filling a couple of years back - we were very interested when in 2017 the well known fashion chain "Top Shop" announced completely see-through plastic jeans for sale.

Having managed to acquire two pairs, we sent Honeysuckle and new girl Lucia into the dungeon wearing them, and told them to make merry with each other and the gunge supplies, which they duly did!

Honeysuckle wears black panties, black mesh crop-top over a black bra, and see-through clear PVC jeans tucked into clear PVC see-through wellies.

Lucia wears basically the same outfit except she wears a black sports-bra-top, and adds a belt to her jeans.

The girls get straight down to business and almost immediately Honeysuckle is having lovely green gunge poured into the front of her trousers, and we can watch in detail as it flows down, over her panites, and on down both legs. Of course fair is fair, so moments later Lucia has purple gunge flowing down inside her trousers too.

Gleefully the girls take turns adding more and more gunge to each other's outfits, they thoroughly fill each other's jeans with different colours and pose so we can see the mess flowing and sliding down inside their clear trousers, they also fill each other's wellies, and fill and cover each other's tops too, standing in poses that ensure any gunge that escapes their tops then flows down inside their trousers too. Later on in the scene, they take their wellies off and pour the contents into each other's trousers for a second flowing!

To finish, and with both of them completely covered in gunge from the neck down, they give each other messy shampoos, yellow custard for Lucia, and white cream for Honeysuckle, with the mess both shampooed into each other's hair and flooding down each other's faces.

If you've ever watched a girl having her clothes filled with gunge and wondered exactly where it was flowing and what she would be feeling as it slides inside her trouser, watch this scene to find out! These clear jeans are utterly brilliant for pouring gunge into.