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The Latex Sludge Maid - set gm-2g044

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The Rubber Sludge Maid

Maid Honeysuckle deals with a gunge leak in the factory

Honeysuckle is on secondment to the Sludge Factory, where, dressed in her smart new latex maid's dress, shiny black hold-up stockings, shiny black wellies, and black rubber slave collar, she is responsible for making sure the entire factory is kept spotless, and any leaks of the precious grey sludge, no matter how small, are quickly sealed and then cleaned up. There can be no mess in the Sludge Factory!

Oh dear. Let this serve as a warning, when you want someone to ensure no mess, it's probably not a good idea to recruit members of the Saturation Hall household into your organisation.

Honeysuckle finds a leak. Down in the depths of the factory, one of the pipes starts to dribble grey gunge, and even as Honeysuckle springs into action to try and clean up the mess, another little surge comes out. Every fifteen seconds a fresh little flow appears, dripping onto the clean plastic-lined floor below. At first Honeysuckle tries valiantly to clean up the spill, but as it fast becomes apparent that it isn't going to stop - well, dressed in rubber and presented with a pipe discharging warm, inviting, gunge, can anyone really blame her for what happened next?

She crawls below the pipe, and the next flow goes all over the back of her lovely latex dress. She gets some down her stockings too. Enjoying the feelings as she gives in to naughtyness, she lies face-down on the floor, in the pool of already leaked gunge, while more of it pours over her back. She gets more on her shoulders and all down her front, including down the cleavage of her lovely rubber maid's outfit.

Pretty soon she realises she's going to have to deal with the ongoing leak - so she pulls over a convenient tin bath, pours in what she's already scooped up, places the bath under the leaking pipe, and jumps in!

Before long she's lying in a full bath of grey gunge, her rubber maid's dress, stockings, and boots completely drenched in grey goo, happily laughing while the pipe continues to discharge even more gunge over her.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.

Mini-trailer - note members videos are full size.