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Three Girl Gunge Fun - set gm-2g047

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Three Girl Gunge Fun


Felicity, Rosemary, and Honeysuckle, all wearing very different outfits, take turns to gunge each other, starting with small amounts, but ending up with all three of them utterly drenched from head to toe in blue and green goo!

Felicity wears a lovely pastel pink flower pattern dress, with tight black leatherlook leggings and cute pink high heels.

Rosemary wears high waist slightly baggy blue jeans, a black spaghetti strap swimsuit as a top, a long black mesh see-though lingerie coat, and lace-up black boots.
Honeysuckle wears a bright red PVC skater dress, with a black PVC belt and black shiny wellies.

They stand in a line with the gunge buckets behind them, at each turn the person on the left gunges the one in the middle, and then they switch round one place each time. This means the girl who has just been gunged gets to gunge the next victim each time, before then becoming the one on the right waiting for her own next gunging.

Felicity's lovely summery dress soon starts to droop as blue goo is poured in, then Honeysuckle's very sexy outfit starts to get nicely slippery, while Rosemary's jeans are soon wetting through from inside as they are filled with ever more gunge.

There's a lot of clothes filling in this scene, Felicity's heels and Honeysuckle's wellies also get filled, trays filled with gunge are sat in, and by the end they are pouring buckets over each other's heads.