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Party Gunge Dress vs Jumpsuit - set gm-2g048

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Party Gunge Dress vs Jumpsuit

Honeysuckle's fancy Chinese party dress vs Rosemary's smart black jumpsuit!

It's Midwinter Dungeon Party Time at Saturation Hall, and Honeysuckle and Rosemary are going to demonstrate the effects of multi-coloured gunge on their very smart brand new party outfits!

Honeysuckle wears a beautiful, floor length Chinese style shimmery blue dress with a black waist cincher and black satin opera gloves, with black leather calf-high boots, while Rosemary wears a very smart semi-shiny finish black short sleeve bodycon jumpsuit, with black patent leather calf-high boots. And unusually for a Saturation Hall scene, they begin by pouring gunge over each other's heads. But don't worry, their entire outfits are also reduced to gunge-soaked ruin, including tubs of gunge poured into their laps, sitting in trays of goo, carefully spreading blue and green gunge over each other's bottoms, and generally getting totally and uttterly drenched in goo!