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Denim and Gunge - set gm-2g050

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Denim and Gunge

Friday and Cindy fill and cover their jeans in goo!

Identically dressed in high waist blue jeans, white t-shirts, blue denim jackets, and dark blue wellies, Friday and Cindy gradually wreck each other's outfits with multi-coloured gunge!

Needless to say it starts with jeans-filling, multiple pint cups of bright goo poured down inside their jeans, and then they have more poured into their wellies too. And then from there they gradually completely destroy each other with colour. Cindy has gunge thrown at the front of her jeans, Friday has it poured and spread all over, at one point Cindy has her jacket taken off, submerged and "washed" in a bucket of gunge, and then puts it back on, and they both pour buckets of gunge over each others heads.

By the end of the scene they are both completely drenched in gunge from head to toe.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.