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Sportswear Filling Fun - set gm-2g053

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Sportswear Filling Fun

Felicity and Lily demonstrate that exercise gear is always improved with gunge

Felicity, in a dark blue Adidas jogging suit over a Slazenger swimsuit, and Lily, dressed in skin tight black and pink running leggings, crop top, and thin running jacket, start by playing play scissors - paper - stone, with the winner of each round getting to improve their opponent's outfit each time by adding gunge. They have large buckets of blue and clear gunge to play with. The first pours are of course down inside the fronts of their trousers, with nice detailed shots as the gunge is poured in and then the wetness starts to seep through from inside. More is poured down the backs of their pants so they really feel it when they sit back down.

And then the game is abandoned and they just take turns to utterly drench each other in gunge! Lily's crop top is filled, Felicity "washes" Lily's jacket in a full bucket of clear gunge and makes them put it back on afterwards, Felicity's swimsuit is filled, as is the hood of her jacket which is then put on her head, and by the end of it they are pouring the remaining gunge in the buckets over each others heads, Felicity in particular getting a spectacular covering in blue gunge.

Once they are both completely drenched in goo they pose for the camera, and then move to the wash-off, first they empty full buckets of water over each other, and then hose each other down, still fully dressed. They finish with Lily in yoga pants and crop top, and Felicity in swimsuit and jogging pants, all utterly soaking wet.

Full shampoo hair-washing is also included in the hosedown.