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Tilly in the mudbanks - set gm-2m07

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Caught in the act!

Muddy sentence is carried out!

Meet Tilly, and see her meet muddy justice!

As is the way of things, Lady Jasmine has rivals. Especially the Borrowthwaite-Langstondales, the unmentionable in-laws who are forever scheming and plotting, casting covetous eyes at the great Pennine estate and its happy-go-lucky inhabitants. "That land should be ours", they say, "those farmers should be forced to pay triple-rent, and those sheep should be walled up in cages and intensively reared for maximum profit!"

And occasionally the BLs, as they are known, try to send spies onto Lady Jasmine's lands, hoping to ferret out secrets, find some hidden poison to use against her ladyship.

Unfortunately for the BLs, some ancient magic in the high, wild country of Langstonedale seems to prevent those who are unwelcome, or who have evil intent, from being able to find their way onto the estate, and they suddenly find themselves dropping down into the next dale to the North, or lost in the wilds of Whernside, far to the West.

And then they sent Tilly. Oops. The BLs thought they had her loyalty, or at least her forced service. But in reality she had brokn free of the hold they had over her some time before, and rather than working against Lady J, she secretly offered her service as a kind of great house double-agent, feeding useless information back to the BLs while ensuring that everyone at the Hall is kept up to date on her erstwhile employers' plotting.

But appearances have to be kept up, and so officially at least, Tilly was caught in the wardrobe, trying to make off with one of her ladyship's gunge dresses. And having been caught, she had to be properly punished, Saturation Hall style - by being made to wear the dress she's appropriated into the river mudbanks!

You might think she didn't find this particular penalty too onerous. Indeed, you might even think from the pictures that she actually enjoyed the experience! You might well think that, neither I, nor Nurse Wendy, who supervised the punishment, could possibly comment...