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Sister Graves' Come-Upance - set gm-2q02

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Sister Graves' Come-Upance!

The good sister suffers a wet fate

It is a long-standing tradition at Saturation Hall that if anyone makes a mistake in the course of a gunging session or water-play, that they are punished by being made to dress up in one of their finest outfits, taken down to the dungeon, shackled and chained, and mercilessly hosed down. Granted, given the Hall's ladies' tastes, this may not actually be that much of a penalty, but nevertheless it is a tradition that is enforced with great zeal, especially by Sister Graves.

So it is a rather delicious irony that it is the good sister herself who falls victim to this tradition, when, having poured several buckets of custard over her ladyshpi one evening, she pronounced herself satisfied with the state of her ladyship's drenching, only to have m'lady point out that in fact part of the back of her dress remained clean and dry.

And so we join the good Sister, dressed in her finest red silk dress, chained to the unyeliding dungeon wall, her hands shackled in genuine medieval handcuffs, and about to receive the drenching of her life!

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.