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Rosemary's Green Suit Hosedown - set gm-2q029

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Rosemary's Green Suit Hosedown

Bonus scene: Rosemary hosed in a green boilersuit and wellies

Bonus extra scene for 5th week in May 2019

Rosemary hoses herself down, and then gets hosed some more by the photographer for some POV close-up views, and then finally has a full bucket of water thrown over her, all while dressed in the green boilersuit and blue wellies she wore to travel back from a mud scene in.

When we finish a mud scene the girls remove their outer clothes but keep the swimsuits they wear as underwear on, and get a basic wash down with large bottles of warm water we carry in the van, they then pull on a clean boilersuit or sportswear over their wet swimwear to travel back to the Hall in for the full hosedown in the dungeon. The journey takes about 45 minutes so Rosemary's suit is already somewhat damp when she starts, but then she totally drenches herself with the hose, starting with her bottom and then soaking herself entirely inclding putting the running hose down inside the front of her suit.

This is a free bonus extra scene released to both Saturation Hall and Langstonedale for the 5th week in May, 2019.