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Blue jeans in the river - set gm-2w12

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Lady Full-Wellington goes for a paddle

Wet jeans and rubber boots in the river


  • Traditional high-waist denim blue jeans
  • Aburgene t-shirt by Alexandra
  • Blue denim jacket
  • Purple stripey socks
  • Blue rubber wellington boots


  • Outdoor wetlook
  • Boot filling / flooding
  • Wet jeans
  • Wet t-shirt
  • River wading

A balmy late spring day sees Lady Full-Wellington taking a refreshing dip in the river, casually dressed in blue jeans, purple t-shirt, blue denim jeans jacket, and blue rubber boots. After sliding down the bank on her bottom, she wades slowly into the water, until her boots are flooded and filled, then gradually goes deeper and deeper until she's swimming in the current. Then she walks back towards the bank, soaking wet, and sits down in the shallow water for a rest and some nice poses. Eventually she takes her jacket off, poses some more, then walks out of the river, takes her boots off and empties them over herself, and finally climbs back up the bank in her socks, still dripping wet.