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Post-mud Hosedown - set gm-2w147

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  • gm-2w147-v1 (12 minutes, 57 seconds)

Post-mud Hosedown

Rosemary and Maude hose each other down after the mud

Maude and Rosemary, still wearing the slightly damp clothes they travelled back to the Hall in after playing in the mud together, hose each other down and wash their hair with lots of foamy shampoo.

Maude is dressed in black ladies running trousers and a black and pink running top, with bare feed, Rosemary is in one of her favourite green boilersuits and still has her blue wellies on. After the mud session they'd stripped their muddy clothes off, down to the swimsuits they were wearing underneath, then been roughly washed down with large bottles of warm water, before pulling their current outfits on over their wet swimsuits, and still with traces of mud in their hair they travelled back to the Hall for a proper hose down in the dungeon, which they will now do together. So their clothes are quite damp, especially Rosemary's green suit, but not yet soaked. That will soon change though!

They thoroughly hose each other down, including spraying the hose directly betwen each other's legs and putting the running hose down inside each other's clothes, each girl also washes her hair with lots of shampoo, and then rinses it off, with lots of formy water flowing down her back, they also shampoo conditioner into their hair though as they leave it in you don't see a rinse off for this. They end the hosedown standing together with the hose playing over both of them.

Technical: The video has full original sound. A few sections are shot close up, but during the shampoo rinse-offs the camera pulls back so you can enjoy watching the water and foam flowing down the girls' backs and down over their bottoms. They keep their clothes on for the full scene. This scene was released as a stand-alone bonus extra scene to members of both Saturation Hall and Langstonedale in January 2018, and will eventually be included as part of mud scene gm-2m62, which at time of writing has yet to be released.